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This page contains testimonials about LUGOD, the Linux Users' Group of Davis. Some comments are by members and attendees, some by guest speakers, and others from people who have stumbled across our website.

  • Such a diversity
    Carl McCabe, 2004.Sep.23
    "I don't remember ever seeing such a diversity of ages and interests."

  • Amazing speakers and presentations
    Andrew Arnett - 2003.Dec.16
    "I was a LUGOD meeting lurker last year, but I'm in San Diego, now. I do miss the amazing speakers and presentations LUGOD always has. Is that due to a core group of volunteers? LUGOD is amazingly better than any other special interest non-profit group I have ever seen."

  • Follow your Design
    Drew Shelley - 2003.Mar.30
    "...I have to say that I am impressed. I like the content variety, layout and volume of information available [on your site] ... I am feeling somewhat inspired by your 'public awareness campaigns'."

  • Great things about LUGOD
    Troy - 2002.Oct.21
    "It's been interesting participating in both groups, although I've been out of the state and unable to get to meetings for either lately. There are definitely some great things about LUGOD that I'd like to help integrate into NBLUG. The LUGOD Advocacy dept. is in particular top-notch. Plus, when I was in davis I checked out many a LUGOD donated book from the yolo co. library."

  • Convivial
    Francois Gouget, CodeWeavers - 2002.Oct.4
    "...the LUG itself is also very convivial with very nice people..."

  • Fine Users' Group
    Jim Lowman - 2002.Aug.25
    "It's amazing to me that not only are there two monthly meetings, but also that you can get good speakers for each..."

  • Delve into things
    Eric Nelson - 2002.Aug.17
    "I like your group because you guys really delve into things..."

  • Most Incredibly Organized
    Karsten Self - 2002.Aug.07
    "I've been with and/or attended meetings with SVLUG, BALUG, NBLUG, LXNY..."

  • The Cult Of Linux
    Forbes magazine - 2002.July
    "A century-old retailer changes to Linux and cuts not only expenses, but aggravation too. ... There are more options for Web-browsing with Unix than with Windows. Better yet, they're good ones."

  • Fascinating
    Nancy Bloom - 2002.June.6
    "You have a great club..."

  • Eye Opener
    Murry Shohat and Rick Lehrbaum - 2002.May.21
    "This was a great experience... What you are doing at LUGOD is most impressive."

  • Welcoming Environment
    Bill Weir - 2002.May.21
    "Thanks. It was well worth the drive [...] And a good welcoming environment. Although I can't come regularly, I'll certainly be up there for topics of particular interest."

  • LUGOD has its act together
    Rick Moen - 2002.Apr.12
    "LUGOD has always really had its act together (for which all credit goes to your esteemed volunteers!)"

  • Linux changes you...
    Don Werve - 2002.Mar.20
    "I came to the realization that, as a Linux user, I hadn't even bothered to look at my workstation for months... The reset button has never been used."

  • Very Important Group
    Dr. Andy Jones, Dr. Andy's Technology and Poetry Hour, KDVS Radio - 2002.Mar.06
    "[The Linux Users' Group of Davis is] probably doing more from a non-university, non-corporate perspective than any other group here in the city of Davis."

  • No Harder
    Christine Scobee - 2001.Dec.26
    "People would come out of [the Linux courses] knowing more about their computer than many Windows users know about their computer after years of using it."

  • Non-Geek Linux Advantages
    Robert G. Scofield - 2001.Dec.25
    "The geeks on this list know why Linux is better than Windows. But here are three reasons why Linux is better for the non-geek."

  • es1371 and why I love open source
    Gabriel Rosa - 2001.Dec.15
    "Now, if I were running Windows and my joystick didn't work, what are the chances that: The driver would be open source; If not, that I would know who the author was; I would have the author's email address; He would be awake at 4am; He would be willing to change things for me; He would give me a binary to test every 15mins until it worked?"

  • Helpful Responses
    Jay Strauss - 2001.Nov.28
    "Vox-Tech is my favorite Linux list, and I always get helpful responses."

  • VOX for Newbies
    Christine Scobee - 2001.Aug.28
    "It's nice to know that there are people here who will take the time to try to explain"

  • Up To Date
    Stephen Helms - 2001.Jun.20
    "Why did I choose LUGOD? ... a very nice easy to follow / understand and up to date website."

  • Quickly
    Christine Scobee - 2001.Jun.19
    "I would be very surprised if there's another LUG that has this kind of organization, given the same amount of time in which to construct it."

  • LERT Rescues Box
    Eric Engelhard - 2001.Jun.07
    "LUGOD has consistently proven itself as not only a fun club, but also a valuable resource."

  • Linux: the Swiss Army Knife of OSes
    Larry Snyder - 2001.Mar.31
    "LUGOD is the resource which helped me understand enough about Linux finally to make practical use of it."

  • Linux Men are Great
    Anonymous Coward - 2000.Aug
    "They have gotten their hands dirty working for a better way of life, not just for computer users, not just for American's... but for all of mankind."

Users' Contributed Uptimes:

  1. 764 days - Reported by Ted Deppner, 2003.Feb.11 (Firewall)
  2. 428 days - Reported by Bill Kendrick, 2003.Oct.29 (Colocated webserver)
  3. 417 days - Reported by Doug Barbieri, 2003.Nov.01 (Colocated server)
  4. 358 days - Reported by Sameer Verma, 2006.Feb.18
  5. 355 days - Reported by Ryan Castellucci, 2006.Feb.19 (Firewall/Router/VPN)
  6. 307 days - Reported by Zach Johnson, 2001.Dec.19
  7. 291 days - Reported by Henry House, 2001.Dec.20
  8. 252 days - Reported by Harold Lee, 2007.Apr.19
  9. 245 days - Reported by Bill Kendrick, 2006.Feb.18 (Colocated webserver)
  10. 244 days - Reported by Marc Hall, 2003.Feb.07 (Shell and mail server)
  11. 244 days - Reported by Don Werve, 2002.Mar.20
  12. 235 days - Reported by Seth Nagao, 2003.Feb.07 (Fileserver)
  13. 219 days - Reported by Zach Johnson, 2001.Dec.19
  14. 217 days - Reported by Henry House, 2003.Feb.08
  15. 207 days - Reported by Matt Snelham, 2003.Feb.07
  16. 200 days - Reported by Ryan Castellucci, 2003.Nov.01 (Floppy-based router)
  17. 202 days - Reported by Zach Johnson, 2001.Dec.19
  18. 199 days - Reported by Ryan Castellucci, 2006.Feb.19 (Mail server)
  19. 173 days - Reported by Zach Johnson, 2003.Feb.07
  20. 168 days - Reported by Samuel Merritt, 2003.Feb.08
  21. 153 days - Reported by Pete Salzman, 2003.Feb.07 (Floppy-based router)
  22. 151 days - Reported by Ryan Castellucci, 2006.Feb.19 (Desktop)

If you'd like to share a story about your experiences with Linux or LUGOD, or have an amazing Linux uptime to report, please e-mail us!

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