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Mailing Lists

Besides our regular meetings and events, one of the main methods of interaction in the Linux Users Group of Davis is via our mailing lists. Our lists are archived and searchable!

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The Lists:

We currently maintain the following lists: vox-announce, vox, vox-tech, vox-if, and vox-jobs. (Of these, vox-announce, vox, and vox-tech are the lists that interest most people.)

vox-announce - LUGOD announcements (low-traffic, no discussions)

Announcements pertaining to LUGOD, its website, and its mailing lists are posted here by the club's officers. It is very low volume, and moderated. (Only officers may post.)

If you only sign up for one LUGOD mailing list, this should be it!

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(Only officers may post)

vox - General Linux, Tech. and Club Discussion

A general discussion list where people can discuss Linux, computers, technology, the LUGOD club itself, and more.

This is the 'core' list of the group. If you want to chat with other LUGOD members about Linux, this is the list you want! Around 200 people are subscribed to it (as of April 2005).

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vox-tech - Technical Q&A Only

A technical discussion list where people can ask (and answer) questions, get technical help, etc.

This is for those interested in purely technical issues. Around 215 people are subscribed (as of April 2005).

Note: General discussion (Linux politics, events, etc.) shouldn't be posted here! Use "vox".

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vox-if - Installfest Preparation

LUGOD holds free Installfest workshops every month with the CS Club at UC Davis. People interested in installing Linux, or needing help configuring it, may RSVP for the event, and give us details about their computer, and list any problems they might be having.

The details from RSVPs are forwarded to this list, and people interested in volunteering at an Installfest can watch this list and post to it, to help plan for the event. (e.g., someone RSVPs and states they need help with their Firewire DVD drive; volunteers can look up information beforehand, post it to the list, and even decide who's going to help the installee.)

If you regularly help out at Installfests, please consider subscribing to this list!

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vox-jobs - Job Postings

A list to discuss finding, keeping and promoting Linux/Unix related jobs. Job postings are occasionally posted here by various members.

Note: Please keep the posts on-topic: jobs related to Linux or Unix, especially those in or near the Davis/Sacramento area. (The greater Bay Area is fine, as well. Just mention the location when posting.)

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How To Post Messages:

To post a message, simply send your message to the appropriate list address (please use a descriptive message subject). Be sure to read the mailing-list rules, first!

LUGOD Mailing-list Rules

By signing on to our mailing lists, you must agree to these rules. Failure to comply will lead to a private warning, public warning, moderation of your posts or even expulsion from the lists depending on the frequency and severity of the list rule violations. These rules are intended to foster a friendly, good-natured, and smoothly functioning environment for everyone, especially those who are new to Linux. This only happens when everyone follows the rules. If you consider these restrictions to be fascist censorship, then you are welcome to (1) run for an officership position so that you can change the rules or (2) find a different forum whose rules are more to your liking. That said, we try to address all reasonable complaints and accommodate all points of view without undue prejudice.

You are expected to follow the conventions of netiquette (Internet etiquette), such as using a descriptive subject, even though they are not explicitly listed in these rules. If you are in doubt about what is considered good behavior in an 'Net forum, we recommend consulting a guide, such as this netiquette article on Wikipedia.

1. Public Nature

The mailing lists are public — anyone can join them to receive list messages. Posts are archived on this web site and possibly other places on the 'Net as well. Do not post if you are not comfortable with your message going to many unknown recipients and becoming a permanent part of a publicly readable archive somewhere.

2. Technical Assistance

Our vox mailing lists are administered by our mailing-list manager, currently Bill Kendrick. He manages / administers the mailing lists and also enforces these rules (sometimes other LUGOD officers do this as well). If you have any problems or questions about the mailing lists, please contact him. By using vox-lists, you must agree to abide by the list administrator's wishes concerning the vox-lists.

3. Message Formats

  1. Don't send HTML e-mail
    Never send HTML e-mail to any of the lists — no exceptions!. Many LUGOD members dislike HTML mail strongly. See the LUGOD FAQ for more information.

  2. Don't send e-mail attachments
    Never send attachments (one exception: GPG signatures are okay) to the lists. If you want to share some file with the club that is too big to paste directly into your message, you may put it up on your own website or contact the webmaster, who may be able to post the file to our website temporarily.

  3. Use 76-character lines (or shorter)
    Messages with lines greater than 80 characters are unsightly, contrary to established Internet standards, and hard to read for many of us. Make sure you use 74–76 characters or fewer per line in your messages, especially if you're using a Windows mail client. You may need to turn on 'word wrapping' or a similarly named feature. By starting with lines 74–76 characters long, messages can be quoted in replies a few times before reaching 80 characters.

4. Being Polite

If you have an issue with some one, please keep it in private e-mail. Always be polite and respectful of other people and their ideas on these lists. Netiquette discourages publically correcting others who are not following rules, so if you feel there is a reason to do so, please keep it very friendly. You may also send an e-mail to the administrator of the mailing lists (Bill Kendrick) asking that something be done.

Never flame for any reason. NB: This is not a prohibition against expressing your opinion, only about certain methods of expressing it.

5. Staying on-topic

  1. Use the right list; don't cross-post.
    Please don't cross-post between the different vox-lists. Also, don't cross-post between any of the vox-lists and other non-LUGOD mailing lists.

  2. Off-topic postings:
    When posting a message that isn't particularly related to Linux or the club, please prepend "[OT]" (short for "Off-Topic") to the message's subject line. (e.g., "[OT] Dr. Who convention").

    To help reduce traffic, if you notice that a particular list is having a high-volume day, please refrain from posting off-topic messages altogether.

  3. Do not start a new thread by replying to an unrelated message
    Do not post a message that starts a new line of discussion (thread) by replying to someone else's post and changing the subject. Instead, use the 'compose new message' or whatever equivalent command your mailer provides.

    Try this test: Did you quote relevant discussion in your new message and author a response to it? If the previous discussion was irrelevant to your new post, then you should start a new thread using 'compose new message', not 'reply'.

    An example of this is asking a question, "How can I learn how to run a web server on Linux?" by replying to a message on "Re: Compiling PostgreSQL from source on Debian". The two posts are completely unrelated. On the other hand, it is a good practice to change the subject line when the discussion in a thread drifts to a new (but related) topic.

    Motivation: Many vox* readers use mail clients that arrange message threads into a nice tree using the References header of each message to make it easy to follow the discussion and see who replied to whom. When you break this rule by using 'reply' when you should use 'compose new message', you confuse and annoy these people because it defeats this feature of the e-mail clients and the References headers of messages.

6. Preventing Excessive Traffic

  1. Message lengths
    When replying to a message, please try to trim out the quoted parts which don't apply, especially on vox. Do not quote an entire message digest when you reply.

    Never trim attributions; if you're replying to a post, leave the identity of the poster intact!

  2. Khendon's Law
    You are expected to follow Khendon's Law:
    If the same point is made twice by the same person, the thread is over.

  3. Eminent Domain
    Sometimes a particular thread or topic will become dangerously close to becoming a heated argument or will be hashed and rehashed so many times that everyone gets sick of the topic. In the name of keeping the peace, the mailing-list administrator reserves the right to declare these threads or topics temporarily off-limits. Right or wrong, you must abide by all the list manager's decisions.

Mailing List Archives

Our lists are archived on our website, so you can review the messages.

Dynamic IPs

Because of spam (unsolicited commercial e-mail), we do not accept e-mail from mail servers hosted with IP addresses which are dynamic, or which do not resolve (via reverse DNS lookup) to a valid hostname.

If you are having trouble posting to one of our lists, try one of the following:


LUGOD attempts to enforce the list rules and foster a friendly, good-natured environment on the mailing lists. Despite this, content might get posted which may somehow be objectionable in nature. LUGOD and Sunset Systems do not condone or promote and are not responsible for any content, opinion, or language you might see on the mailing lists.

Where did vox-outreach go?

"vox-outreach" was for events planning & outreach: A discussion list for our community outreach projects. LUGOD regularly participates in events like LinuxWorld Expo, the Government Technology Conference, California 4-H Leadership conference and the Whole Earth Festival. We also hold our own events, like demos and classes.

In February 2011, due to no use of this list, and generally lower traffic on our general discussion list, 'vox', LUGOD's officers decided to close the list.

Archives of 'vox-outreach' are available for historical reference

LUGOD: PO Box 1336, Davis, CA 95617

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