Zaurus SL-5000




Lineo is a privately-held company with over 200 employees. It focuses on:

  • Digital Television
  • Smart Handheld Devices (PDAs, phones, web pads)
  • Residential Gateways

Their main work on Linux includes:

  • Embedded Linux for non-MMU processors (uClinux)
  • Development tool chain for embedded Linux
  • Hard real-time support
  • Multi-core and DSP support


A royalty-free Linux solution that customizes Linux for embedded systems.

  • Integreates real-time technologies (both soft and hard), for:
    • preemtive,
    • deterministic,
    • guaranteed response times

  • Embedix SDK:
    • Includes Metrowerks CodeWarrior IDE
    • "Target Wizard" to handle library interdependencies
    • Also available for Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000

  • Embedix Plus PDA includes:
    • Insignia Jeode JVM
    • Opera web browser
    • Trolltech Qt/Embedded
    • Qt Palmtop application suite