Linux for the Office
Introduction Slides

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Class Outline

  1. What is Linux?
  2. Why use Linux?
  3. What Linux can do for you:
  4. In-depth The GIMP
  5. In-depth Evolution
  6. Q&A, Linux try-out session

What is Linux?

"Linux" has 3 Parts:
  1. Kernel - Linux 1991
    Lowest level - the operating system
  2. Applications - GNU 1984
    Tools and programs that make the computer useful
  3. Distributions - GNU/Linux
    A package containing the kernel and applications

Why use Linux?

What Linux can do for you

Linux on the Desktop

What makes a successful Desktop Operating System?
  1. Stability?
    Should be a given, right?
  2. Security?
    Should be a given, also?
  3. Cult like following?
    Only the ones that double as a religion...

Then what is it?


Native versions of Acrobat Reader, Flash and RealPlayer, too!

"Yeah, but I really like 'X'..."

Linux and Windows can play nice with one another.

Why would you need to?

How to get around problems if you MUST run something Windows only

Linux serving our Office

File Serving

Internet Sharing

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