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The following is an archive of a post made to our 'vox-tech mailing list' by one of its subscribers.

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Re: [vox-tech] Getting around the Winmodem
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Re: [vox-tech] Getting around the Winmodem

Try this URL for a search from google. There are a few "linmodems" out
there that are winmodem/linmodems. If your modem vendor has published the
specs for their HW, there is a chance that service for it has bee set up
by someone.

If you have a true winmodem, and there are not linux drivers, you ae
rpetty much SOL..

(Link included as HTML due to long wrapping that may mangle it)

<a href="http://www.google.com/linux?site=search&restrict=linux&hl=en&safe=off&q=linmodem";>http://www.google.com/linux?site=search&restrict=linux&hl=en&safe=off&q=linmodem</a>

I have not set one of these up as of yet. I will be looking into a trial
run on a laptop owned by someone else as an exercise

Hope this helps.

(See below for more comments....)

On Sat, 14 Jul 2001, Larry Ozeran wrote:
> I am using a Compaq Armada M700 laptop in a dual boot system which has a
> WinModem. I am trying to ftp files to my website. If any of you have other
> suggestions for how to do so, please feel free to offer, but here is the
> kluge I am trying to make work.

Get the website to run ssh and then you can scp the files up. If you own
the website boxen and it is running linux, you can check a few different
authentication based systems for file sharing. For example, you could run
Samba for linux and set up firewall rules to not allow the smb ports
(137-139 etc) to talk to anyone else but your expected ranges of IP
addresses... Of course there does still exist susceptibility to sniffing
along the segments in the collision domain of your passing traffic for Man
in the middle attacks and that whole l0phtcrack thing, but it is better
than NFS in many cases and may allow you to do the windows file sharing

If the webserver is Win NT/2K, Uhh. :-P   (heh)

If *NIX or Linux I suggest either scp, or VPN through an ssh connection or
IPSEC to the server if your *must* use FTP. (As a service, it has been
open to lots of attacks for remote exploit. Different daemons have been
attacked with I think wuftpd being one of the common casualties. OpenSSH
is quite better.

Others on this list may have other suggestions.

> I can't get the Winmodem recognized by Linux (RH 7.0).
> I have identified the Windows partition as /dosdisk vfat in /etc/fstab.
> I can read and write to /dosdisk from both Linux and Windows.
> Unfortunately, when I cp the files to upload them into the correct /dosdisk
> subdirectory, all filenames less than 8 characters come out in all CAPS.
> I tried mcopy, but the first letter is still Capitolized.
> (I can go through and rename each of the files that were modified by the
> copy process, but what a pain!)

Checkout the vfat mount options... I seem to recall an option for forcing
all lowercase for filenames, but I could have drain bamage in my MMU.

check out the Documentation/filesystems/vfat.txt of your kernel (my
abolute path is:
(From above:)

"The lcase field specifies if the base and/or the extension of an 8.3
name should be capitalized.  This field does not seem to be used by
Windows 95 but it is used by Windows NT.  The case of filenames is not
completely compatible from Windows NT to Windows 95.  It is not completely
compatible in the reverse direction, however.  Filenames that fit in
the 8.3 namespace and are written on Windows NT to be lowercase will
show up as uppercase on Windows 95."

Also mentioned the option, but I only skimmed its use:
"check=s|r|n   -- Case sensitivity checking setting.
                 s: strict, case sensitive
                 r: relaxed, case insensitive
                 n: normal, default setting, currently case insensitive"

I would expect this to be included as a mount option arguement to the
mount request or perhaps the /etc/fstab for that device. (I dont have a
dual boot vfat win95/98/Me filesystem on this box for testing this, but
may find time to play with it later.)

Of course, you have the source code for vfat, and can work that angle if
there is no support for a mount options to force all lowercase.

Why even copy it to windows? Is this to get around your winmodem? If so,
just get a real modem and use it with Linux. They are cheap. A 56K modem
can be found for less than $36.

If you have a laptop, then you can look to disable the internal modem and
buy a combo ethernet card and modem in one. This could even work for
windows. I bought a 3com card that uses 1 IRQ and has Ethernet and modem
all-in-one, but you can do what you like. Before you buy something check
to see that it is supported (model and revision number) in the Linux
PCMCIA cs HCL on sourceforge.



> Anyone know how to maintain filename case (upper vs lower) when writing
> from Linux to Windows or where I can review info online?
> Anyone have experience making WinModems work with Linux?

Based on the above vfat.txt info, make your files longer than 8.3 :-)
- But you knew that. Other suggestions are included above. Please let us
know if you still have trouble. Perhaps with some free time, I can take a
stab at it on a box when I get home.

The *best* answer is of course to move over to the light-side and complete
your Jedi training. Linux is *good*. :-)

Hope something here helps you,

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